The Darcy


Made in England by master craftsman, the Darcy is a skinny leather belt that is simple and sleek, topped off with a beautiful gun metal buckle.
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Made in England by master craftsman, the Darcy is a skinny leather belt that is simple and sleek, topped off with a beautiful gun metal buckle. Each and every Barney & Taylor belt is presented in bespoke, high quality packaging to guarantee its safety during transit.

With Barney & Taylor, you are acquiring far more than exquisite hand-made leather items; you are investing in statement icons that will last lifetimes; heirloom pieces that will take on the patina of your life – potent personal possessions that will travel your journey, tell your story – and become the essence of who you are.

When you own Barney & Taylor leather goods, you have made a heritage investment that will last for generations; more than that though, you have acquired a multi-layered story of different journeys that have led to a single destination – you.

Barney & Taylor’s family history is a journey through time that tells of hard work and high standards, craftsmanship and quality culminating in the item you now own.

Your choice of barney & Taylor leather is destined to become yours for life; absorbing the journey on which you travel; wearing the marks and impressions of years as proud insignia; becoming you until the day you pass it on to another, when it begins its journey afresh.

Leather Care

All our leather skins are expertly tanned and chosen for our products. As a natural product leather has varying characteristics and the leather may differ from item to item and even within the same item. Any irregularities are considered as unique features of the leather rather than quality issues.

The more that you use your item the softer it will become and this too is part of the item’s uniqueness and is not in any way a quality issue.

If leather is exposed to strong light for a sustained amount of time then it may experience some fading and we recommend tat you try to keep your product out of harsh light and in it’s dust cover for safe keeping.

Leather is not water resistant and so should be kept away from water and long periods of rain.

We also recommend that you keep your item away from any materials or fabrics where the colour pigment could transfer from either item.

If you do require any form of cleaning for your item we would only advise using a specialist leather cleaning expert.


All our hardware has been specifically made from the finest quality coated metals. Please be aware that colour fading may naturally occur as a result of humidity and general usage.

We recommend that you avoid regular contact with heat, oil, grease and alcohol to prevent permanent and irreversible wear and tear.

If you have any questions regarding the quality, then please get in touch with us either through our customer service department or our website.